Nutriform Business Days 2023 is now finished

Nutriform Business Days 2023 is now finished

The 7th edition of the international congress of dietary supplements & Innovation – Nutriform Business Days – is now closed. For this edition, BECARRE Natural was again the ‘Platinium’ sponsor.

Again, there were a number of excellent lectures on a wide variety of topics, but always closely related to current events and the areas of interest in our sector, and above all some great moments of exchange and discussion, helped by the perfect management of the organisers, such as the cocktail evening and the beach party.

Becarre Natural was of course present - as again sponsor for this year's event - participating also to a afternoon workshop on how to read all the elements of a technical data sheet, or how to go beyond the words and data given in the document.

And, of course, the 2023 ‘vintage’ catalogue of Becarre Natural was included in the congress bag, with a selection of new plant extracts, confirming a number of flagship products such as :

  • BeTheanine®  - 100% green tea extract from Becarre natural, 40% L-Theanine, low in EGCG (<0.05%) and caffeine, extracted with ethanol 25% - see BeTheanine
  • C3 Reduct® - the of Novel Food authorized form by Sabinsa derived from Curcuma longa and providing the active metabolites directly - see C3 Reduct
  • Rhodiolife® - the reference produced by Nektium from Rhodiola rosea, available for collection and cultivation (CITES) - see Rhodiolife
  • Sulfodyne® - from Ingood by Olga, the broccoli extract providing sulforaphane (5%, stabilized) and not a potential precursor - see Sulfodyne
  • CBD extracts, by GVB Biopharma - see CBD isolate

And so more, .... and 2 new launches coming soon.

And once again, this congress was for BECARRE Natural the opportunity to welcome the participants and to offer hats to withstand the sun of Juan-les-Pins, as well as fans, water bottles and ... a game of 52 cards for the after-show.


We thank the organizers and our customers and partners for the quality of the exchanges of this excellent 2023 edition, hoping to have the chance to see you again in 2024 -