Rhodiola 3%

Rhodiola 3%
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Rhodiola rosea
3% Rosavins, 1% Salidroside
Immune, Respiratory, Cold, Flue, Allergies
Memory, Brain, Cognition, Nootrope
Sport Nutrition
Stress, Sleep, Anxiety, Depression
Tonic-Energy, Vitality

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Rhodiola 3%

Rhodiolife® - The benchmark brand: Stress, memory, attention, energy, immunity,... adaptogen

Rhodiolife generates sustained energy and promotes wellness including psychological, emotional and physical conditioning. Rhodiolife brings you safety and quality..Rhodiolife® is a powerful adaptogen that produces a non-specific state of adaptation and resistance in the body to physical, emotional and environmental stress. Rhodiolife® is experiential, a distinct advantage over other adaptogens. Even a single dose provides tangible activation of mental energy and improved focus..Nektium historically extracted from very high quality Rhodiola, under close partnership, the result of many years of collaboration with local operators in order to guarantee sustainability and maximum traceability. As one of the world's leading producers, Nektium is sourcing the roots directly from the Altai mountains, respecting a socially responsible controlled harvest, according to the "Who Guidelines on Good Agricultural Practice". They will regularly inspect the crops. This allowed them to have access to the roots, even during shortage, working also against speculation..In addition to the systematic control of all batches by barcode DNA, PCR sequence, UHPLC fingerprint, Nektium checks the complete HPLC confirming the conformity of the extract with the original plant, with a constant quality: indeed, the markers do not are not the only assets in the profile. Nektium has put in place a composition guarantee by continuously comparing the extract and the plant. Rhodiolife® has been registered with SIDI with Success (joint US program for product registration).
  • Comes from Altai mountains , preserved area – control of PAH (although Rhodiola extracts are sensitive to PAH, our Rhodiolife is always below the 10ppb, thanks to its unique and protected location.)
  • Only the three Rosavins are controlled in our Rhodiolife : It exists on the market many 3% or 5% of 'total rosavins' but including 4 or 5 molecules instead of the 3 (Rosavin, Rosine, Rosarin but also rosiridin or even sometimes tyrosol)
  • Dried at low temperature to retain the bioactivity
  • Processed in GMP approved unit, "doping free" by BSCG
  • Only RhodioLife’s unique “fingerprint” composition consistently provides the spectrum of nutrients found in the root of the plant which are responsible for its biological activity.
..Rhodiolife® corresponds to the extract used on in numerous studies, external or internal:
  • Mental energy - Analysis of the signature of EEG to measure brain activity, action on the central nervous system, stress and depression. It was shown to be very similar to the signatures for caffeine, Guarana (Paullinia cupana) and Ginkgo biloba2
  • Memory : Rhodiolife® increases Long-Term Potentiation (LTP), an effect related to improvements in spatial and temporal memory that enables the brain to form memories and helps athletes to automate coordination skills
  • Mood : a pilot study of a product containing Nektium´s Rhodiolife® had significantly reduced Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HARS). Other studies suggest a possible antidepressant action of Rhodiola rosea extract.
  • Neuroprotection : The effect of Rhodiolife® on genes related to neurodegeneration and neuroprotection was tested : significant upregulation (p<0.05) of 3 GPCR-genes
  • Sport, ATP, HSP70 : Rhodiolife® protects muscle cells against oxidative stress, improves physical work capacity, assists recovery and protects the muscle tissue. It increased time to exhaustion (p<0.05) and VO2max (p<0.05). Comparison of Rhodiolife® Rhodiola rosea and Rhodiola crenulata showed that Rhodiolife® is more effective at improving physical work capacity through ATP. Rhodiolife® modifies the production of HSP70 in muscle cells under conditions of increased oxidative stress, such as that caused by intense physical exercise and protects muscles from stress related damage
  • Anti-inflammatory: The results demonstrated that it decreases inflammation and reduces COX-2. CRP (C-reactive protein) increases were smaller than in the control and placebo groups and had returned to normal levels much faster after exercise. The CK ((creativine kinase) activity in the Rhodiolife®-treated group was significantly lower than in the placebo and control groups
  • Efficacy and safety, including genotoxicity performed on Rhdoilife itself
  • Immune defenses (test on subject serum during a marathon and post-race) : Rhodiolife® protects against virus replication (p= 0.03).
In personal care, it’s used for its anti-aging and anti-wrinkles properties...The extracts of Rhodiola 3% and 5% of Nektium are "Self affirmed Gras" and have been notified under article 16 in November 2011..With Rhodiolife, Nektium also offers the world’s first Rhodiola rosea with a grade that has been certified safe for use in sports nutrition formulations (BSCG since 2020)..Pioneering cultivation program boosts adaptogen sustainability.Nektium has taken steps to ensure the long-term sustainability of its Rhodiola rosea Rhodiolife® extract by replacing a large portion of its collection with cultivated plants, always from the same area. This initiative - an industry first on such a large commercial scale - reduces reliance on the supply of wild plants under severe pressure, and for even greater respect of collectors and resources. Nektium has worked with its long-time local partners to establish fields that provide optimal conditions for the controlled cultivation of Rhodiola rosea..With the plant being harvested after at least 5 years to ensure its optimal profile, the first crops have been able to be supplied in 2022.

Rhodiola extract standardized to min 3% Rosavins and min 1% Salidroside (eq. to plant profile) - 100% Rhodiola
Recommended doses according to studies: 100-300mg twice a day

Rhodiola roea - The adaptogen with rapid and lasting effects for physical activity and performance

Rhodiola rosea (golden root, rose root, roseroot, Aaron's rod, Arctic root, king's crown, lignum rhodium, orpin rose) - not to be confused with Rhodiola crenulata which seems similar in specifications but without providing beneficial properties - is a plant to perennial flowers of the Crassulaceae family, growing in cold and wild regions of northern and mountainous Europe - it has been used for centuries to cope with the cold Siberian climate and stressful life: feeling better every day . Collection is regulated, and only roots of a certain age should be harvested for best efficiency (specific profile in three rosavins, salidroside - a powerful antioxidant in synergy with rosavins - and tannins..In addition to its adaptogenic properties, it promotes physical activity and performance, and reduces stress, from the first dose (faster and longer-lasting action than other adaptogens).
  • It is involved in the regulation of adrenaline and the production of cortisol (resistance).
  • It supports the activity of the adrenal glands
  • It promotes brain function by neuronal stimulation (neurotransmitter: dopamine, serotonin, noradrenaline)
  • It acts on the regulation of heart rate and blood pressure
  • It is involved in the biological reactions necessary for good immune, pulmonary, cardio and endocrine health.
RhodioLife’s unique “fingerprint”

An extensive scientific literature has validated many of the traditional Siberian uses of Rhodiola rosea roots for adaptogenic, mental energy and endurance-enhancing effects.

Rhodiolife® is a highly versatile, experiential adaptogen that can be used in mental energy, mood, nootropic and sports performance products.


Nektium and partners have built on this impressive research base with preclinical and clinical studies on Rhodiolife® that have demonstrated rapid onset of brain-activating activity, increased Long-Term Potentiation, anxiolytic and antidepressant potential, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective activity, enhanced physical work capacity and recovery, and skeletal muscle protective activity.


Rhodiola rosea can impact anxiety, stress, cognition and other mood symptoms

Rhodiola EEG

Rhodiolife® increases LTP (Long-Term Potentiation), an effect related to improvements in spatial and temporal memory that enables the brain to form memories and helps athletes to automate coordination skills.


While many studies on various extracts and formulations of Rhodiola rosea have demonstrated benefits in diverse models of physical and psychological stress, Nektium pioneered the investigation of the Central Nervous System (CNS) activities of Rhodiolife® using cuttingedge neurophysiological studies including in vivo functional electroencephalogram (EEG). In a study, a single dose of Rhodiolife® was demonstrated to result in a very rapid onset of brain activation on EEG, an effect that had a long duration of action, lasting at least five hours.


Reports have indicated neuroprotective potential for Rhodiola rosea, and effect of Rhodiolife® on genes related to neurodegeneration and neuroprotectiont.


A daily dose of 340mg for 10 weeks, had significantly reduced Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HARS) scores.


Anti-inflammatory, Sport and muscle health

Rhodiolife® protects muscle cells against oxidative stress10, improves physical work capacity, assists recovery and protects the muscle tissue of healthy untrained volunteers during exercise

Improved endurance exercise performance

Rhodiola rosea can improve endurance exercise capacity in healthy young volunteers, and endurance exercise performance by decreasing the perception of effort.

Improved physical working capacity and recovery

Rhodiola rosea is more effective than Rhodiola crenulata at improving physical work capacity (effect on ATP, probably due to rosavins, only present in Rhodiola rosea).

Immune support

In the presence of serum from Rhodiolife® and placebo supplemented subjects, Rhodiolife® protects against virus replication

Heat Shock Protein (HSP70) improves muscle protection and recovery

Cell cultures without Rhodiolife® pre-treatment showed a 25% decrease in cell viability following exposure to H2O2, while no significant decrease in cell viability was detected in cells pre-treated with Rhodiolife®. Rhodiolife® increases expression of HSP70 genes.

After exhausting physical exercise on a cycle ergometer. In the group treated with Rhodiolife®, CRP (C-reactive protein) increases were smaller.

5 days after exercise, the CK activity in the Rhodiolife®-treated group was significantly lower than in the placebo and control groups.

Thus, treatment of untrained volunteers with Rhodiolife® reduced inflammation, evidenced by decreased CRP, CK and reduced muscle damage.

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