Specialized in standardized plant extracts, with proven efficacy.

Because we believe that you are looking for reliability and know-how more than a long list of products, Becarre Natural is specialized in standardized plant extracts, respecting very strict production processes and access to resources, with efficacy demonstrated by studies.

"Becarre" - that you may pronounce "be care" - is the French word for the musical mark which cancels the alterations such sharp sign or flat signs. The English translation is "the natural sign". As the right note at the right time makes the music, the right product in the right formulation makes your success.

Becarre Natural acts as your local contact or through local distributors. As per today, Becarre Natural represents by agreement different manufacturers, reputed for their high quality service, and the importance of their research.

Plant extracts - Becarre Natural

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Our partners and ourselves are committed to continuous improvement of their quality system, in the full respect of our local regulations. We - at Becarre Natural - have a careful attention at the documentations we may transfer.


Because regulatory is an issue today, and because Becarre natural wishes from early beginning to participate in the new French and European regulation on plants extracts, we are an active member of Synadiet, the Food Supplement Association.


Becarre Natural provides you clear specification sheet and statements, as well as information of use, existing studies, alternatives if needed, possible claims, … We do think that your best satisfaction will come from our support.

Organic & Responsability

Willing to respond to requests that respect the environment and consumers, Becarre Natural offers its certified organic extracts - when the material, the process and the standardization allow it. We ask our selected partners to stands for environmental preservation, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Respect of your requirement

Our internal system allows us to register your specific requests, because our concerns are to satisfy our customers. They also allow us quick and precise answers, as well as the traceability of our products.


Our partners and contract-manufacturers are science-based companies, devoted to research and development, looking for new actives and for new proofs of efficacy.

Partnership - Becarre Natural

Partnerships mean arrangements in which parties cooperate for mutual interests, including the interest of their customers.

This is the fundamental wish of our strategy, and each of our partners contributes to all aspects of your business, thanks to their professionalism. This concerns the quality system, the sciences behind the products, technical support and global research with extensive experience in formulation development. This is done in full transparency since Becarre Natural reports all information and provides you with original documentation from the manufacturers - the best position to know about their products.

As per today, Becarre Natural represents natural actives from different manufacturers, such as Sabinsa Corp, Nektium SL, Isocell, Inoreal, besides other specific extracts that we selected precisely from reputed sources.

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Becarre Natural represents, distributes and develops natural actives extracts from plants for nutrition health and cosmeceutical.

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