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BECARRE Natural forges close links with its partners, in order to ensure quality, innovations in accordance with our markets and sustainability. In addition to the names below, BECARRE Natural also works on some specific products because they correspond exactly to our core business.

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Synadiet is the Food Supplement Association, member of several national, European and international organizations.

With more than 260 members (consultants, manufacturers, manufacturers, suppliers of ingredients, distributors, analysis laboratories, etc.), SYNADIET has a force of representativeness that is unique in France. It is the largest national union in the European Union in terms of number of members.

Synadiet aims to unite and support its members in the exercise of their profession, which is to help preserve and improve the health of consumers, through the use of food supplements & other natural health products, and to engage them in a process responsible and transparent.

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Founded in 1988 by Dr. Muhammed Majeed, Ph.D., Sabinsa remains the company dedicated to the principles of tradition, innovation and research in plant extracts. Today, Sabinsa regularly offers new studies and innovative new extracts.

Sabinsa manufactures and markets phytonutrients and standardized herbal extracts, specialty & fine chemicals, and organic intermediates used in the nutritional, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, intermediary chemicals and food industries.

Sabinsa’s efforts have begun to earn the company vast recognition, in addition to growing sales. Sabinsa confirms everyday its position of leader on botanical extract, and at the origin of so many objectivized products (BioPerine® from Black Pepper, Garcinia Cambodgia Citrin®, Coleus Forslean®, etc...).

Sabinsa is a group which includes all the needed activities to provide high quality botanical extracts - and not only ayurvedic plants. Sabinsa has a research and development facility in India and near Princeton, NJ and six manufacturing facilities in and around Bangalore, India, and in Utah. Today, Sabinsa manufactures over 100 such plant-derived products, besides some synthetic and hemisynthetic products for perfumery.

Sabinsa also provides custom manufacturing from lab scale to pilot / semi-commercial scale, and process development.

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Leader for Rhodiola with its Rhodiolife® product, the Spanish based company Nektium has succeeded to develop its activity with innovative extracts supported by internal studies, such as Zynamite®, Xanthigen®, its pomegranate extracts, and many others.

Nektium (ex-PoliNat / Polifenoles Naturales) is the Spanish company dedicated to the identification, development and production of high quality active ingredients derived from plants, for use in the health-food and cosmetics industries.

Nektium ( is located at Las Palmas, Canary Island, and focuses its efforts on the development and industrial production of high quality standardized products derived from plants, which are key ingredients in health food products. The company produces standardized extracts and novel ingredients and products, contributing to the prevention of diseases and improvement of quality of life through nutrition.

Manufacturing high quality extract starts with the selection of qualified raw material suppliers. Rhodiola roots - for instance - are strictly harvested from the Altai region of Siberia as a result of several years of a collaborative efforts.

Purity and sustainability are the two main selection criteria. Nektium stands for environmental preservation, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Production activities and facilities are ISO, HACCP & GMP certified. Organic raw material may be available.

In 2018, Nektium has inaugurated the new Nektium facility, 10 000 m2 devoted to the new product development and production.

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Triballat ingredient is a family company located in Brittany, and at the origin of many innovations for future nutrition, as the unique Sulfodyne®.

Triballat ingredient is suplying us with their Sulfodyne®, the only natural form of active sulforaphane on the market developped by Nutrinov. Sulforaphane is an organosulfur compound which it’s obtained from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage, for antioxydant activity, anti-inflammatory activity, Cell-protecting activity... and much more. 

SULFODYNE® is your guarantee of getting real broccoli sulforaphane, and nothing less, because you prefer the active form rather than its precursor !

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Laboratoires ISOCELL is at the cutting edge of scientific research in the field of aging, and oxidative stress in particular. That’s how they developed GliSODin®, their oral grade of improved SOD.

Based in Paris, Founded in 2001, ISOCELL has an international dimension, being present in over 30 countries. ISOCELL also hold several international patents (Europe, US, Japan) in these areas of research and development.

Innovative products have been developed to strengthen the antioxidant and immune systems and protect the body at the cellular level against external stresses and aging. The products of the GliSODin® line are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

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Based in France near the seaside, INOREAL® develops patented and scientifically proven functional ingredients according to the highest standards of quality and safety, available for modern food supplements.

Inoreal® is a firm created in 2006 which help nutrition and health manufacturer to be at the cutting edge of innovation by providing new ingredients, which demonstrated their efficacy.

Supported by a meticulous sourcing, exclusive extraction process, clinical studies of safety and efficacy , Inoreal®’s products are formulated to allow innovation by having the agreement of international administrations, and are allowed for selling all across the world.

Based in France near the seaside, INOREAL® develops patented and scientifically proven functional ingredients according to the highest standards of quality and safety, available for modern food supplements. To date, Inoreal has already successfully developed Satiereal®, Moodreal® and Elimreal®.

in 2022, Natac successfully acquires INOREAL to expand their saffron natural product portfolio, and serve their customers with branded ingredients supported by clinical data proven to help with bodyweight management and emotional wellbeing.

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