CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate
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Cannabis sativa
≥ 99% Total CBD, THC free
Acne, Antimicrobial, Preservative
Anti inflammatory, Pain, Joints, Bones
Digestive, Biotic, Appetite
Hydration, Sensitive skin
Skin integrity, Inflammation, Healing
Stress, Sleep, Anxiety, Depression

CBD Isolate

Hemp Isolate, Distillate - High quality stable Isolate and distillate

CBD Isolate is a pure, crystalline, tasteless pharmaceutical grade powder that provides a minimum of 99% CBD. All plant material from the hemp plant is removed from the isolate, including oils, waxes, chlorophyll and more, resulting in a nearly chemically pure CBD powder. This degree of purity makes precise dosing much easier. Since it has no flavoring, it can be easily introduced into products without altering the profile.
Even if we may offer different grades according to the fractions, the main products are:
●Isolat CBD: white to lightly off-white crystalline powder, ≥ 99% CBD, THC <LOQ
●Isolat CBC: golden to light orange fine-coarse powdered crystal, 95-99% CBC, THC <LOQ
CBD distillates are a range of highly refined, high-potency THC-free distillate containing generally 85%+ CBD along with such minor cannabinoids as CBC, CBG, and CBN. The minor cannabinoids generally make up 2 to 6% of the product. CBD Distillate is valued because the broad spectrum of cannabinoids is believed to introduce the entourage effect - the belief that taking multiple cannabinoids in concert increases the overall efficacy of any one individual cannabinoid. They offer a formula with total control of the perfect profile of cannabinoids.
CBD Isolates and distillates by GVB Biopharma meet the most demanding needs in terms of purity, ease of use and stability (also demonstrated by ICH analysis).

Cannabinoid - Isolate, Distillate, oil and formulated hemp's products

Main non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from hemp, the cannabidiol or CBD molecule (identified in 1963) is derived from Cannabis sativa which contains more than 100 chemical compounds (mainly Cannabidiol [CBD], Cannabinol [CBN], Cannabichromene [CBC], Cannabigerol [CBG]). Also, CBD is rapidly becoming the focus of many uses in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and of course dietary supplement fields.
Cannabidiol has no reported psychoactive effect (different receptors in the brain). Studies show that it seems to modulate the action of endocannabinoids naturally produced by the brain (regulation of the concentration of anandamide: the amount of anandamide increases, which promotes the innate endocannabinoid response of the body) but also directly on other important biological pathways.
Its action on the endocannabinoid system leads to various properties: digestion, metabolism, memory, regulation of stress and emotions... and thus plays a key role in the proper functioning of the human body.
Why GVB Biopharma?
GVB Biopharma is a leading and trusted historical supplier. Vertical integration is a key operational strategy at GVB Biopharma! It starts with the quality control of the seed from a selection of seeds, cultivation areas, and continues at each stage of processing and development. And this integration allows an optimal traceability, as well as the compilation of all the tests carried out continuously throughout the production process. The warehouse located in Europe also allows for the quick delivery of our isolates, distillates, crude oil and products formulated in partnership with other entities of the 22nd Century group. GVB is certified GMP, non-GMO, organic [CCOF and USDA], etc..
Processed by GVB, the extracts come from certified seeds and grown in referenced areas, and are analyzed both internally and by independent ORELAP accredited laboratories.
European regulation
The use of Hemp (Cannabis sativa) in food supplements varies in Europe. All countries consider a limit on the THC content (0.2% generally). Although Cannabinoids are not authorized in FS (at of today), member states are nevertheless trying to adapt to the growing evolution of this market, and a number of applications for authorization are underway. Thus, the French authorities have authorized the registration of products including less than 50mg of CBD, even if this registration does not mean authorization.

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