New Ways for Weight Management with Cirpusins®

New Ways for Weight Management with Cirpusins®

Cirpusins™ is the new objectivized extract of Cyperus rotundus, with so good actions on weight, but also adipogenesis, BMI, Leptin and Lipid profile. And the clinical study is now published.

Cirpusins™ (see the product sheet) helps to tackle visceral fat - the hardest to lose - and promotes weight loss, maintains healthy lipid and blood glucose levels, and normalized the liver enzymes : the winning properties in the management of weight and health.

Cirpusins™ is the new objectivized extract developed by Sabinsa of Cyperus rotundus standardized to contain min. 6% stilbenes in the form of piceatannol, a resveratrol-like polyphenols with a considerable biological application, scirpusin A (dimer of resveratrol and piceatannol) and scirpusin B (dimer of piceatannol). Cirpusins ™ has been the subject of several studies proving its unique properties, well beyond many products on the market (simple burner or even draining). This innovative extract intervenes at several basic levels:

  • Adipogenesis : Cirpusins™ showed a dose dependent reduction in adipogenesis
  • Inhibition of weight gain and visceral fat : the weight gain induced by HFD was significantly reduced by Cirpusins™ (61.7%), with a significant reduction (53%) in visceral fat
  • Normalizing effect on lipid profile, liver enzymes profile and blood sugar levels : significant decrease in all lipid parameters such as total cholesterol, low-density cholesterol and total triglycerides, and an improvement without reported side effects of the liver enzymes.
  • Leptin: a study focused on the normalization of the endocrine functions, including leptin secreted by white adipose tissue and positively correlated with the amount of body fat

The just published (here) last human in-vivo study (DBVP, 90 days, 500mg of Cirpusins™) confirms those great results, with a weight loss of 10% at the end of the trial, a decrease in BMI (8.9%), in waist circumference (8.6%), in TC/TG/LDL and VLDL when HDL increased. Serum Biochemistry, vital measurements were normal, and CRE was safe in human volunteers..Recommended dosage : 1 x 500mg to 2 x 500mg (first in-vivostudy at 2x500).

The great advantages of Cirpusins™ is that it is (really) innovative but from a plant and extraction process already approved in Europe, and above all that it intervenes at several levels of action for combined effectiveness.