Nutriform Business Days 2022 is now closed

Nutriform Business Days 2022 is now closed

The 6th international congress of dietary supplements & Innovation – Nutriform Business Days – is now closed. For this edition, BECARRE Natural was again the main sponsor – ‘Platinium’. We thank the organizers and our customers and partners for the quality of the exchanges of this excellent 2022 edition, hoping to have the chance to see you again in 2023.

Three intense days of exchanges between nearly 400 participants, plenary conferences, as well as round tables and agora.

Three days, and their superb evenings also prepared by CSM Events, convivial and rich in exchanges - including one to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of Becarre Natural.

Three days of very high quality, with the sun of Juan-les-Pins.

This congress was for BECARRE Natural the opportunity to welcome the participants as the main sponsor, and to present :

  • BeTheanine®, from Becarre - 100% natural extract from green tea, providing 40% L-Theanine, and compliant with regulations (weak solvent)
  • Sulfodyne® from Triballat Ingrédients - broccoli extract actually providing sulforaphane (5%, stabilized) and not a potential precursor
  • C3 Reduct® by Sabinsa - the active metabolite of curcumin, produced from the natural extract of Turmeric C3 Complex®, and in the process of publishing Novel Food authorization
  • MoodReal® from Inoreal / Natac – saffron extract in accordance with published studies, and with demonstrated activity vs imipramine
  • Cirpusins® by Sabinsa – the new slimming active ingredient

and to offer a panama hat and a fan to each participant (welcome because of the sun) as well as other goodies.


« Précurseurs ?
Apportons directement les métabolites ! »

Better to bring the active metabolites! »

BECARRE Natural also did a presentation on the power of providing metabolites rather than a precursor, using two examples: Sulfodyne® and C3 Reduct®.

Provide the metabolite(s):

  1. No concern for metabolic efficiency, dependent on individuals - person to person variability. The active ingredient is provided regardless of the state of the individual's metabolism (even in the event of microbiome failure, limitation of certain enzymes, fatigue, etc.)
  2. Allows in some cases to avoid the concerns of bioavailability, and the related bioefficiency: we know the bio-efficiency of the metabolite, not necessarily that of the precursor
  3. Allows you to target the dose of active ingredient, without necessarily referring to the active ingredients ingested, which are sometimes only markers.
  4. It allows faster use since it does not need to be transformed
  5. … while avoiding the risk of less active, even undesirable molecules
  6. It allows a deep analysis of food security and safety

Then, we compare the ingestion of Glucoraphanin or Glucoraphanin + myrosinase versus directly the stabilized metabolite Sulforaphane from broccoli (in Suldodyne®), and the transformation of Curcumin to DiHydroCurcumin (DHC) and then TetraHydroCurcumin (THC), allowing to go over the myth of bioavailability by bringing directly the THC, ie. the metabolite.

Yes, an excellent vintage.


We hope to welcome you again for

Nutriform Business Days 2023

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