Our updated brochure is available

Our updated brochure is available

Each year, we enrich our brochure which includes our plant extracts, the latest news, and various articles.

Our last brochure has just been finalized, ready for Vitafoods and NFBD 2022, with our list of natural and standardized extracts, detailed and classified according to their activities or their fields of application, the very last news : BeTheanine, Sulfodyne, C3 Reduct, .... as well as various articles about our main natural ingredients.

We also included a brief on the most improtant decrees to be applied in Europe, a 2 pages explanation on what is an extract, etc …

The printed version can be read both ways depending on whether you are looking for objectivized plant extracts for the cosmetic sphere or for nutrition... or both.

You can download separately the part for nutritrion or for cosmecuticals on this page.