A new award “Ingredient of the year – Cognitive Function” and a B2C specific website for enXtra®

A new award “Ingredient of the year – Cognitive Function” and a B2C specific website for enXtra®

After winning 2 Nutra Ingredients awards in 2019 in Geneva and Singapore respectively, ENXTRA® won last evening the Nutra Ingredients USA award as “Ingredient of the year – Cognitive Function” in Nutraingredients USA awards.

A new award for the unique enXtra won last night (July 14th) during the Nutra Ingredients USA, as “Ingredient of the year – Cognitive Function”. NutraIngredients : “Our award for Ingredient of the Year in the Cognitive Function category aims to celebrate the best ingredients dedicated to supporting cognition, memory, alertness, and other cognitive processes.”

enXtra® – The authentic Alpinia galanga

Clinically proven to improve energy, alertness and focus up to 5 hours with and without caffeine.

enXtra® is extracted from the rhizomes of Alpinia galanga – the food spice - selected and cultivated on a hilly terrain away from industrial pollution, cultivated without pesticides, authenticated by DNA, natural drying on high altitude, stony land near farm, for responsible sourcing. enXtra® is obtained by gentle, solvent-free extraction to have an optimal concentration of bioactives.

enXtra® is associated with several clinical trials in humans at only 300mg / day.

See the enXtra - dedicated page on our website, with studies and news.


enXtra® – The B2C website

This is also the opportunity to remind that a specific website to enXtra® for B2C has been launched: https://enxtra.co.in/. The purpose of this microsite is to support global product launches (where brands are not allowed to make scientific claims of enXtra® on the label of their product due to local regulations) by educating the end consumer about scientific advantages and the uniqueness of enXtra®. It includes B2C information as well as a presentation video, and certifications (100% Pesticides free, GRAS, Vegetarian association, non-dopant (what can be checked on ‘informed-sport.com’ and ‘informed-choice.org’ where enXtra® is notified), etc.