Sabinsa gets attestations for COSMOS

Sabinsa gets attestations for COSMOS

Sabinsa got three attestations granted by ECOCERT Greenlife for compliance to the standard COSMOS (v3.0 – January 2019).

COSMOS certification allows the marketing of your organic or natural cosmetics. It is certification according to the international COSMOS standard or the private Ecocert reference system that allows you to label your natural or organic products.

All products marketed with the Ecocert logo have been verified from the composition and the transformation process to its packaging. Consumers thus have access to transparent information on the content of natural and organic ingredients indicated on the products.


Natural origin

All the ingredients used are of natural origin with the exception of a restrictive list of approved ingredients (including preservatives) authorized in small quantities. On average, products certified by Ecocert contain 99% of ingredients of natural origin.

This presently concerns :

  • Saberry : Emblica Officinalis Fruit Extract for hair care, anti ageing and anti glycation products.
  • Cococin : Cocos Nucifera Liquid Endosperm for hair and skin care products.
  • Nigellin Amber (Black seed extract) : Nigella Sativa Seed Extract, for hair care products.