Yes, a website can also be innovative

Yes, a website can also be innovative

BECARRE Natural launches its new website, optimized for search and information

Because you are looking for information more than a list of products, BECARRE Natural has worked to offer a new concept of website, based on a regularly updated database.

This gives you access to the products, each clearly defined and explained, as well as the main studies related to them. Each document is indexed and summarized.

You can search by keyword - the search is done on all databases - and / or by sector or by property. The results are compiled with links, giving you access to detailed product sheets, studies (internal and / or external, classified) as well as news related to products and studies.

To our best knowledge, BECARRE Natural is the first representative of standardized and objectivized plant extracts supported by studies to offer such a tool.

And naturally, we are at your disposal: the contact page allows you to write to us and call us in order to discuss your projects and your research.