'Becarre' - that you may pronounce 'be care' - is the French word for the musical mark which cancels the alterations such sharp sign or flat signs. The English translation is 'the natural sign'. As the right note at the right time makes the music, the right product in the right formulation makes your success.

At Becarre, we think that industrials are more looking for reliability and know-how than an immeasurable list of products, reason why Becarre Natural focuses on a specific origin of activities: standardized actives extracted from the nature under very strict process of production, with proved efficacy and sustainable resources..

Becarre Natural acts as your local contact or through local distributors. As per today, Becarre Natural represents by agreement different manfacturers, including Sabinsa Corp. Nektium SL (Poliphenoles Naturales, with the support of its partner PL Thomas - US), and Isocell besides specific extracts from reputed sources, especially from France.

Becarre natural