Partnerships mean arrangements in which parties cooperate for mutual interests, including the interest of their customers.

This is the fundamental wish of our strategy, and each of our partner contributes to all aspects of your business, thanks to their professionalism . This concerns the quality system, the sciences behind the products, the technical support and the global research with a wide experience in formulation development. This is done in full transparency since Becarre Natural reports all information, and provides you with original documentation from the manufacturers - the best position to know about their products.

As per today, Becarre Natural represents natural actives from different manufacturers, such as Sabinsa Corp, Nektium SL (Poliphenoles Naturales), Isocell, Inoreal, besides other specific extracts from reputed sources.

Because regulatory is an issue today, and because Becarre natural wishes to participate to the new French and European regulation on plants extracts, we are a member of Synadiet.

Becarre natural