FruitOx® : water soluble cellular antioxidant from fruits

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Unleashing the Power of Fruit !
Results from unique selection : chemistry, molecular, cellular and human research unequivocally demonstrate the unique antioxidant properties of FruitOx™. Natural tested antioxidant.

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Key genes expressions in cellular defences

Fig.1 - FruitOx regulates key genes expressions in cellular anti-oxidant defences

Effect of FruitOx on opiod receptors OPRD1

Fig. 2 - regulation of Opiod receptors OPRD1

FruitOx has a proven capacity to stimulate the cellular antioxidant defences.

FruitOx is a formulation based on polyphenols from different fruits and plants (Plum, Blueberry Leavesand its specific chlorogenic acids, Apple for unique the profile of polyphenols and phloridzine, Pomegranate for punicalagines metabolites and ellagic acid, Grape Leaves for its dihydroquercetines), developed by Nektium with the idea of a soluble product, fruits based, antioxidant, and offering a wide spectrum if anti-radical properties (hence the selection of only certain specific polyphenols from each source) and stimulation of cellular defences. The selected combination of fruit extracts and concentrates with a wide spectrum of natural flavonoids and polyphenols provides diverse antioxidant profile and broad biological activity. FruitOx has a proven capacity to stimulate the cellular antioxidant defences. (see Figure 1)

Antioxidant Clinical Trials

This is a unique and powerfull in-vivo antioxidant. Oxidative stress has been currently linked with many ailments. Epidemiological studies have yielded compelling evidence that suggests dietary phytochemiclas (such as those present in fruits and plants) may protect our health through modulation of oxidative stress. In a clinical trial with FruitOx, Abidov et al showed it significantly improved blood lipid profiles along with significantly decreased oxidative stress markers in 22 obese volunteers compared with those taking placebo.

Newly defined: Beyond ORAC

FruitOx™ antioxidant formulation is proven in people, not a test tube. This new ingredient represents a clinically tested, proprietary blend of standardized fruit extracts that goes beyond the value of FruitOx’s impressive ORAC value of more than 1 000 000 (µmol Trolox Equivalent / 100g).

Regulation of Opiod receptors

Nektium has conducted in 2012 a study on the regulation of opiod receptors (OPRD1) in brain cells by fruit polyphenols from Fruitox. The conclusion is that bioactive substances in fruits may be able to stimulate neural pathways that may reinforce healthy eating habits. Quantitative real-time RT-PCR analysis showed slight but statistically significant (p less than 0.009) upregulation of delta opioid receptor 1 (OPRD1).
(see Figure 2)

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