Elimreal® : unique combination for water elimination and detox

Becarre natural

Elimreal® is a natural patented proprietary formulation of 6 plant extracts (seeds and flowers), clinically proved for water elimination and detoxification.

Water soluble, it's your new solution for uses in beverages, sticks, as well as - or course - tablets.

ElimReal : Frequency urination

Fig.1 - Increase of daily frequency urination

ElimReal Volume of Daily Urination

Fig.2 - Increase of volume of daily Urination

ElimReal : Sodium Elimination / day

Fig.3 - ElimReal : Sodium Elimination / day (diuretic biomarker)

ElimReal® is an exclusive combination of extract from :

Becarre naturalCarvi's seeds (Carum carvi)

Becarre naturalMeadowsweet Flower buds (Spirea ulmaria)

Becarre naturalGuarana's seeds (Paullinia cupana)

Becarre naturalGoldenrod’s plant (Solidago virgaurea)

Becarre naturalFennel's fruits (Foeniculum vulgare)

Becarre natural Dandelion's leaves (Taraxacum dens leonis)

Natural extracts,
with healthy claims

ELIMREAL® is a patented extract of different plants with complementary activities in detoxifying the body and assist the renal elimination , which has clinically demonstrated its effectiveness (study on 95 women over 28 days, double-blind against placebo) and allows healthy allegations thanks to the presence of fennel.

ELIMREAL® clinically demonstrated its ability to:

Becarre naturalIncrease in urinary frequency (the subjects go to the toilet more often, a perfect marker of efficacy for subjects)

Becarre naturalIncrease the volume of urinary excretion of the day, thus participating in decongesting and detoxifying the body

Becarre naturalIncrease sodium excretion, analytical objective marker of efficiency

ElimReal INOREAL has been developed by Inoreal, a French company developing patented plant extracts whose effectiveness and safety are clinically proven.

ElimReal is covered by a patent for slimming applications, and promotes renal elimination functions (excretory function of the kidneys) / urinary elimination / urinary volumes, so works on detoxification and slimming.

A double-blind clinical study against placebo on 95 women for 1 month demonstrates its effectiveness (urinary frequency, urine volume, sodium excretion), based on plants extracts with an authorization of the components in most members of the European Union.
Elimreal is supported by very strong allegations , especially linked to the contribution of fennel extract.

A natural extract with no side effects with a history of several thousand boxes sold in Europe.

A perfectly dispersible soluble extract in water to develop healthy beverages.

Recommended dosage : 805 mg a day (PROOFS OF EFFICACY : a randomized clinical double blind versus placebo study demonstrated the efficacy of Elimreal at the dose of 805mg/day

ElimReal, details of clinical trials

Becarre natural28 days

Becarre natural95 women, 3 groups
Group 1 (N=32) : tablets Elim'real ® + placebo drink
Group 2 (N=32) : drink Elim'real ® + placebo tablet
Group 3 (N=31) : drink and tablets placebo

Becarre naturalResults of the objective criteria (measures) :
URINATION FREQUENCY : 76,92% of the women who took ELIMREAL® under its tablet form observed an increase of their daily urination after 28 days.
URINARY VOLUME : 58,34% of the women who took ELIMREAL® under its tablet form observed an increase of their 24h urinary volume after 14 days
Sodium EXCRETION : Significant Increase of Sodium excretion for both groups which receive Elimreal ® ( 10,69 % and 8,78 % in the groups 1 and 2 respectively) in opposition to a decrease of -15,97% in the placebo group.


Becarre naturalResults of subjective criteria (questions) :
After 14 days, women felt a superior efficacy of Elimreal ® versus the placebo for :

- Number and volume of urination (61% of supplemented women versus 32% in the placebo group),
- Draining feeling,
- Detoxification,
- Anti water retention effect (52% of supplemented women versus 17% in the placebo group),
- Decrease of snacking behavior,
- Decrease of heavy legs feeling,
- Well being feeling (tablet form only),
- Lightness feeling.

Gontran Gaillot