Bacopin : extract from Bacopa moniera (Brahmi) at 20% or 50% Bacosides

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Bacosides extracted from Bacopa moniera (Brahmi) can revitalize the intellectual functions (in children) and calm down the stressed mind say the literature and studies, allowing for better brain function.

In India, Bacopa monniera, known as "Brahmi", is revered in the indigenous system of medicine as a nerve tonic. The traditional use of the plant, of particular relevance to contemporary medicine, is its validated efficacy in promoting memory functions and providing relief to patients with anxiety neurosis. In Ayurveda, Brahmi is described as "medhya rasayana" or brain tonic with the ability to promote mental functioning along with providing general rejuvenative effects.
In early literature, the name Brahmi was also used to refer to another plant species, Centella asiatica, but both are distinctly different.

Chemical constituents

The pharmacological effects of Bacopa monniera are attributed to the presence of a number of biologically active compounds, including alkaloids, saponins and sterols. The compounds responsible for the memory enhancing effects of are triterpenoid saponins called "bacosides" (Bacoside A3, bacopaside 1, bacopaside 2, jujubogenin, bacosaponine C).

Grades & Dose

Sabinsa process Bacopin 20 EU and Bacopin 50 EU. (‘EU’ for European grade, thanks to the gentle solvents used) from plants collected and processed in India.
Dosage : 15 to 30 mg of Bacosides 3 times daily (dosage must be adapted to the grade)


The biological effects of Bacopa monniera are well documented in traditional as well as scientific literature. The most important of these are the effects of the plant, plant extracts and isolated bacosides on cognition and memory functions, their anxiolytic effects and their role in the management of convulsive disorders.

On receiving signals, receptors of the hippocampus trigger an electric pulse, mediated through a change in protein composition.

The pulse is transmitted to the next neuron through the synapse. The process continue till the bond between neurons become strong and the memory is created.

However, continuous electrical activity wears out the synapses, impairing a new memory creation and causing loss of memory.

The bacosides help in restoring the synaptic activity of neurons.

Gontran Gaillot